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Bespoke Search Engine Optimisation Packages

For each client that requires SEO services / enhancements to Google rankings I will put together a bespoke SEO Package to suit their business sector, business location, online marketing objectives and budget. Prices start from £290 per month but will be more for more competitive sectors.

What Is Included:


Selecting the most suitable keywords is very important as if the keywords are too competitive then the chance of reaching page 1 in Google's results might be slim. On the other side of the scale are the keywords that seem like a good choice but actually have too few searches by people to really generate enough visitors.

Most businesses make their first SEO mistake with the keywords that they choose but by building a foundation for a campaign with the most suitable keywords this mistake can be avoided.

Keyword selection will be advised as part of your SEO Package so that the first few SEO steps are made in the right direction.

Competition Analysis

It is essential to continually monitor the competition so as to be able to see what needs improvements in order to climb up the ranks of the search results.

Your competitors will be tracked and monitored using some of the very best SEO platforms available so that results can be obtain for your business.

Optimised Meta Tags

Once the competition has been evaluated and the keywords have been selected then the meta tags on the website will be optimised for better performance.

Meta tag optimisation is actually quite a small task in comparison to things like the Business NAP and domain authority (both of which are explained further down this page).

Online Marketing

Online marketing is the process of marketing a website / business across the web. This is where most of the budget from your SEO Package will be spent as this requires a lot of work each month.

One of the main goals of online marketing is to generate backlinks to the website which will greatly help to increase the domains authority / improve rankings.

Domain Authority

Websites can be scored with a metric known as the Domain Authority score (DA) which is essential for the more competitive keywords.

A good example: If there were two websites offering similar services and both websites were targeting the exact same keywords, the website with the stronger domain authority will usually rank higher.

Business NAP

Your Business NAP which includes the name of the business, address and the phone number should be consistent across the web as this greatly helps with local rankings.

Google uses other websites to verify the authenticity of a business by checking that the Business NAP details are consistent. As part of your SEO Package the many websites that Google uses will be updated with the correct Business NAP which is very important for ranking higher in Google's local search results.

Social Media Promotion

Social media promotion will also be included to show Google that your business is being mentioned across all of the major social media platforms.

This is quite a small part of what works for SEO (despite what many agencies will claim) but having your business shared across social media platforms does help with SEO.

Website Updates & Maintenance

If your website has been built using WordPress it is important to have CMS updates and security patches of plugins completed in order to show Google that the firm is running a secure site that is well maintained.

Being a WordPress developer I can update the CMS, fix broken plugins (which often result after a CMS update), add new functionality and more.

A Good Example: If you need a new landing page for a new service that you will be offering in the future, then this can be provided as part of the service.

Website Virus & Malware Scans

2017 is predicted to see an increase in website hacks and unfortunately hackers can do more than just take down a website. They can upload content, redirect entire websites to other websites and add viruses that can damage the computers of anybody visiting the site whilst it is infected.

Virus and Malware scans will be included as part of your SEO Package because if Google detects a virus then they usually blacklist a website which means they will drop it from their index of results. In other words this means zero visits via Google.

If a virus or malware is found on your website then this will be removed as a matter of urgency at no additional cost.

Content Creation For Marketing

Creating new content for websites that do not have many pages is a good SEO strategy for smaller websites in order to 'bulk them up'.

Another example of where content creation can help is in the form of creating articles to be submitted to other websites in order to help generate important backlinks.

Having suitable content / articles created for your own website or for the purpose of online marketing can also be included as part of the service.

Review Monitoring

Review Monitoring is included to check for any low reviews that have been published on the major review sites about your business. If these are found then advice will be given about how the reviews can be improved or removed if possible to protect the reputation of the company.

Quarterly Reports To Show Progress

Your SEO reports that you will receive every 3 months (Quarterly) will show visitor stats, social media share status, keywords within the top 20, domain authority score, Google business listing status and other important metrics. This is essential so that you can evaluate the progress plus see evidence of improvements.

Direct Contact

Being able to email or pick up the phone and speak directly to the person managing your SEO is a huge advantage when you need to make quick changes.

Calling a large SEO agency to be placed in a queue before speaking to a sales person is time consuming and often pointless.

Every client I have matters to me and obtaining results for my clients plus maintaining customer satisfaction is my objective.

Testimonials for DigitalPod

“Great service. Nothing is too much trouble and you can really tell Matthew has a sense of pride about his work and that shows throughout his dealings and the quality of what he produces.”

Steve Edwards / Managing Partner / Spirit Executive
Spirit Executive

“Matthew is so obliging, taking time to explain matters carefully and thoroughly; he offers sound advice and I feel that he really does want the best for my firm – nothing is too much trouble. He is always available to assist with any matters and I would not hesitate in recommending him.”

Sadhana Joshi / Solicitor and Director / Avenue Solicitors
Avenue Solicitors

“Patient, knowledgeable, thoroughly professional and highly competitive. Matthew is a pleasure to do business with, his advice and suggestions were timely and well delivered.”

David Ferguson / Director / Understand Intelligence Ltd
Understand Intelligence

“Helpful, efficient and knowledgeable. DigitalPod listened to my ideas and put them into practice. I would recommend the service without hesitation.”

Louisa Hockey / Director / Rightstart Recruitment

“Matthew provides excellent customer care and attention to detail and we would have no hesitate in recommending him and the services he provides to others.”

Priya Anand Patel / Head of Compliance / Axiom Stone Solicitors
Axiom Stone