Responsive Web Design + Company Branding

Hello, my name is Matthew Stapleford and I provide responsive websites and company branding solutions for small to medium sized businesses based in the UK.

As a Web Designer that also has a background in company branding, I mainly specialise in helping Start-Up Businesses that are looking to obtain a professional new website and logo.

I also often work with established companies that require re-branding and responsive website design services due to their current company logo and website requiring a much needed dose of modernisation!

Build A Brand & Get On The Web

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It Starts With An Idea

Great business ideas make great websites. If your passionate about a product or service that you offer, then this makes my job of turning that idea into an engaging website or brand very easy.

It is far more difficult to create an appealing brand or website if the ethos of a business is just to make money. People do not love money grabbers! They love positive traits that they can relate to.

Mobile Websites

Having a website that looks great on mobile devices is no longer optional in 2014. The UK mobile market has exploded over the last few years with this expansion expected to increase due to the mobile G4 network and increased WiFi access areas.

For this reason every website that I now create features a responsive design so that it looks great on desktop computers and mobile devices too. I also test all sites on a range of web browsers and devices including iPhones and iPads.

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Why Choose DigitalPod?

If you like the look of this website and the examples of my work shown, then there is a very good chance you will like what I can do for your business too.

I work with clients from the initial branding ideas through to the development of website concepts and the actual coding of a site, to ensure I can maintain the same high standard of design for each client that I work with. I also never outsource projects for cheap labour. Never ever.